Help with Searching Register of Wills Records

General search tips are listed below:

1. If you already know the person's last name and first name, type in the information, enter the relevant date and click "Search".
2. Names: If you know the First Applicant's last name was something like "Sanders" or "Sanderson", try entering "Sand" into the "Applicant 1 Last Name" field.
   This will then search for all First Applicant's whose last name contains the letters "SAND", in that order.
   Thus, you might get back both "Sanders", "Sanderson" and even "Eversand" etc.
3. Dates: If you think the marriage license was issued after 1/1/2005, then type this date into the "License Date - From" field and click search.
   This will search for everybody that was issued a marriage license from 1/1/2005 and beyond, until the present day.
   Similarly, if you think the marriage license was issued between 1/1/2005 and 1/31/2005, these would be the dates entered into the "From" and "To" fields respectively.

Specific information that is required to conduct a search for each department is listed below:

Marriage Records

In order to conduct a search of marriage records, the minimum information required is

1. Either Applicant 1 Last Name or Applicant 2 Last Name.